How Can Your Business Benefit from Video Distribution?

Explore Ways to Use This Solution in Restaurants, Hotels, and Retail 

As a business owner, you know it’s important to reevaluate current processes and solutions to ensure they’re contributing to your company’s bottom line. Maybe you’ve recently adjusted store hours to accommodate high-traffic periods or moved best-selling merchandise to the front of your store. Perhaps you’ve invested in LED lighting for your business to reduce energy expenses over time. 

As technology advances, it can be hard to keep up with modern commercial solutions that could be benefitting your business. One solution that can positively impact businesses across several industries in Syracuse, UT is video distribution. If your company uses several displays for digital signage and video content for entertainment, it may be time to make the switch. Read on to learn how a video distribution system can benefit restaurants, hotels, and retail stores. 

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Restaurants and bars use TVs to create a more entertaining and engaging dining experience for customers. The more TVs used in your establishment, the more time your staff must spend adjusting each display to show the right content at the right time and change the volume as the restaurant gets louder throughout the day. You’ll also need satellite and cable boxes for each TV, which can be costly. 

A video distribution system does away with one-to-one setups at each display by distributing content from a centralized location to all the TVs in your establishment. Using one universal controller, your team can quickly control one or all TVs rather than making rounds to every display. Your staff will be able to dedicate more time to customers, and you’ll reduce unnecessary expenses. 

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Hotels also use TV displays to engage and entertain customers as they wait in the lobby or eat breakfast in the dining area. While all the benefits listed above apply to hotels as well, another key benefit of video distribution that may be especially impactful for hotels is the ability to cleanly store components in a dedicated media closet so that they’re out of sight. All that’s left are cleanly mounted displays.  

Presentation is key to attracting customers to your hotel. While source boxes and wires below one display may not seem like a huge distraction, the eyesore multiplies each time you add another display. Our team can run wires behind your walls and store receivers and other boxes in one hidden area so that your TVs hang like sleek picture frames with no unsightly components below or behind them. 


Anyone who works in retail knows that signage plays a large role in promoting new products, reminding customers of limited-time sales, and engaging passersby who may not otherwise enter your store. But physical signage is difficult to update quickly and can be cumbersome to install. Plus, static signage can lose interest and become ineffective if not refreshed regularly. 

Video distribution is an effective solution to all these problems. When you upgrade to digital signage instead, you can use video distribution to change and control your displays quickly. Use video advertising to engage passersby, create a digital carousel of various promotions, play music videos or TV to entertain kids while adults shop, or showcase your logo on unused displays to build brand awareness. 


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