Hot Outdoor Tech Trends to Take Your Backyard to the Next Level

Spice Up the Backyard with Outdoor Speakers, Landscape Lighting and Centralized Control

Smart home luxuries for your indoor spaces are vast. Multi-room audio, smart lighting and shading control, advanced security and surveillance, home automation—the list goes on. But what about your outdoor spaces? While some homeowners may neglect their backyard when considering a smart home upgrade, the same solutions you enjoy indoors can also be implemented outdoors.

Extend your smart home luxuries to the outdoors and add value to your home! Below we’ll discuss three hot outdoor technology trends that will take your backyard in Kaysville, UT to the next level: outdoor speakers, landscape lighting, and centralized control.

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Outdoor Speakers for Any Environment

No matter how big or small your backyard, strategically placed outdoor speakers make it possible to enjoy high-quality audio from the patio to the pool no matter the weather. Our team partners with outdoor speaker brands like SpeakerCraft, Monitor Audio, Triad, and Origin Acoustics to offer a variety of weather-resistant audio solutions that blend perfectly with your unique backyard spaces.

For concentrated audio underneath a covered porch or deck, consider wall-mounted stereo speakers or discreet architectural speakers that install within your ceilings. Spike-mounted satellites blanket large, open areas with evenly dispersed audio while staying cleverly hidden among your gardens and foliage. For high-fidelity audio with an added flair, consider landscape speakers designed to look like rocks. Rock speakers look and perform great in flowerbeds or even around your pool and spa.

Landscape Lighting for Added Style and Security

Your home’s exterior lighting does much more than help you see after sunset. Landscape lighting elevates an otherwise bland property exterior, adds excitement to your nighttime activities, and can improve home security. Plus, a beautiful lighting design adds curb appeal and value to your property.

Consider bullet lights, floodlights, step lights, and downlights to emphasize your home’s best features. The right lighting fixtures can highlight your trees and gardens, illuminate your house entries and walkways, and add dimension to water features. Our team can help you design the perfect landscape lighting system that beautifies your backyard while improving safety and security at night.

Centralized Control of All Your Outdoor Tech

Think of all the devices you currently have—or hope to have—outdoors. Beyond outdoor speakers and landscape lighting, other common outdoor electronics include weather-resistant video displays, porch and pool lights, ceiling fans, and surveillance cameras. Instead of controlling these devices separately, a home control system like Control4 puts effortless control of everything within a single interface.

Create a smart home scene for your outdoor spaces that powers on the pool and spa, illuminates your landscape lighting, and starts a playlist on your outdoor speaker system in just a tap. If you want to fine-tune the lights or change the song, you can easily do so from the convenience of one controller, whether that’s a dedicated touch panel, the Control4 mobile app, or an on-wall keypad. Control4 offers a variety of ways for you to command your smart home so it’s easy for the whole family.

Spark new potential for your backyard with the latest in outdoor AV and smart home technology! Our team at AVWORX can bring your dream outdoor space to life. To book a free consultation, contact us here or use the chatbox below to speak with a team member. We look forward to working with you