Home Theater Projectors: Everything You Need to Know

Let Your Trusted Home Theater Company Answer Some FAQs

Even though flatscreens are available in larger sizes every day, the projector-and-screen combination is still the standard in dedicated home theaters. Some people like the look and feel, more directly mimicking the commercial experience. Not only that, but projectors are still the most cost-effective way to get the big-screen experience in the comfort of home.

Though going with a projector for your theater may be an easy decision, finding the right one for the job may not be as easy. Over the last decade, more and more companies are coming out with home theater projectors promising the ultimate viewing experience. Find out how a home theater company can help you find the ideal solution for your Kaysville, UT home.

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What Resolution Should My Projector Offer?

Though projectors initially lagged behind displays when it came to 4K, there are now many models available with 4K and HDR capabilities. Models from manufacturers like Sony and LG are available at various price points to match your budget. There are some projectors currently marketed at 8K, but you should be wary of them, as often they don’t have true native 8K capabilities and instead just upscale content. Also, the limited 8K content availability may make these not worth the investment.

How Bright Should Your Projector Be?

Every home will have different requirements depending on the amount of ambient light in the room. In most dedicated theaters, 1500 lumens are enough to get vibrant video. However, if you’re using a projector in a multi-purpose area like your media room, then you might want to look to models that go up to 5,000 lumens. Your home theater company will do a walk-through of your space to help you figure out what makes the most sense.

What Can I Watch on My Projector?

One of the trickiest aspects of a home theater installation is connecting sources to the projector. Understanding a projector’s input and output parameters through its spec sheet often requires a glossary. This is where a home theater company helps most. Through their expertise, they’ll come up with a video distribution design that lets you incorporate all your favorite entertainment: Blu-ray discs, streaming services, cable services and more.

What Screen Should You Use with Your Projector?

One of the biggest mistakes you can make when purchasing a projector is pairing it with the wrong screen. Even a $100,000 projector may not satisfy if it’s casting an image onto on a white wall. Instead, opt for dedicated screens from manufacturers like Screen Innovations. The company features a range of fabrics which eliminate glare, reject ambient light and improve contrast.

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