Home Automation & Advanced AV Take Home Theaters to the Next Level 

How a Home Theater Designer Brings the Latest Cinematic Experience Home

As a home theater designer, AVWORX has created countless home theaters in Layton, UT, and the surrounding areas. As Control4’s first dealer EVER, we’ve also been building smart homes for nearly 20 years. When the two are combined, your home theater becomes a place of magic and a space that eclipses the best cinema in town. 

Let’s take a look at the details and the cinematic experience you can share with family and friends.

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The Room

First, we’d like to share that almost any room can be turned into a home theater. We’ve talked with many homeowners that didn’t think they had the space, only to find a bedroom, basement, or garage turn into their dream home theater.

The Sound

Gone are the days of right and left speakers—the stereo sound that required the listener to be at an equal distance from each speaker for the best audio results. Even surround sound that creates the immersive experience with speakers to the sides and behind you has been surpassed by a sound that will truly leave you breathless. 

Dolby Atmos takes it to the next level with speakers placed above you in the ceiling. It also works with other systems that use audio room correction technology. Now, the listener is immersed in the experience, captivated by the planes flying overhead and the seas crashing around them. It’s the best audio available for today’s home theaters. 

The Image

At AVWORX, we partner with top brands that offer our clients the best in audio, video, and smart home automation. We’re very proud of our 30+ year partnership with Sony, the industry leader in the cinematic experience. 

Their latest projectors offer 4K realism, clarity, and brilliant colors that were once thought only possible with the technology advancements in TVs. As Joseph Kosinski, director of Tron Legacy, Only the Brave, and many more movies, stated, “Sony is the projector I trust in my home theater to accurately represent the creative intention of my films.”

The Seating

One of the best features of your home theater is the seating. Here, you can let your imagination soar. Have you always wanted to relax and lay back on luxurious overstuffed sofas while enjoying the latest blockbuster? Or maybe you envision elegant tiered seating. Your wish is our command.

Effortless Control

A home theater controlled by your Control4 system makes going to the movies an adventure. Touch the programmed “Movie Night” button, and watch as the lights dim, the blackout shades lower, the film begins, and the sound fills the room.

Keep your touchscreen or smartphone handy to see who’s at the front door. In addition, you can monitor the kids from the same interface and receive an alert should you be enjoying a late-night movie and a little one’s bedroom door opens. The possibilities are seemingly limitless with the combined power of the latest audio-video equipment and Control4 home automation. 

To learn more about home theater design and home automation or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact AVWORX today.