Here’s What to Know about the New Control4 Smart Home OS 3

Discover Home Automation That’s More Simplified and Personalized Than Ever Before

The news is out! Control4 has officially announced the release of its Smart Home OS 3, and the new features are truly impressive. Not only does the upgraded Control4 home automation system continue to unify hundreds, if not thousands of connected devices in the home, but it now offers an unparalleled level of simplicity and personalization in the user experience for families everywhere.

In this blog, we’ll walk you through some of the notable highlights of OS 3 and provide instruction on how you can bring the new upgrade to the Control4 home automation system at your home in the Salt Lake City, Utah area. Dive into Control4’s brand-new OS 3 below!

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Fresh, Streamlined Navigation

Enjoy fewer taps of the screen in OS 3 as you swiftly navigate the new interface that lets you arrange your devices, playlists, scenes, and more exactly where you want them within every room. Control4 keeps user-friendliness in mind by doing away with the former circular-style layout and adapting the universal grid-style interface for more intuitive control of your smart home.

Whether you’re navigating from your smartphone, wall-mounted touchscreen, or tabletop tablet, you can easily hold and drag icons to add, remove, and arrange all the commonly used solutions within your rooms and even rearrange your rooms so that your most popularly used spaces are quicker to access.

Favorites Dashboard for Popular Devices

Simplicity and personalization continues with Control4 OS 3’s Favorites dashboards. You can now prioritize any device, service, playlist, and scene you use most to display on the home screen of any room.

Maybe you use Netflix and Hulu most often in your home theater. Now, instead of navigating to the Watch icon to find your favorite media services, you can simply navigate to your home theater and find Netflix and Hulu on the home screen ready for use.

Your solutions aren’t limited to the rooms they are physically in, either. You can create a Favorites dashboard in one room, like your master bedroom, to hold your most essential devices around the home for quick and easy access so you don’t have to navigate from room to room. It’s easy to press and hold any device, service, playlist, or scene to “favorite” it to your room of choice.

At-a-Glance Views of Vital Solutions

With new at-a-glance views of your most important devices like security, door locks, motorized shades, thermostats, and lighting, you can now quickly monitor and manage the protection and energy use of your home from a single interface.

Each device icon visually represents their respective states, such as a running fan or unlocked door, so you can quickly scan to see what is on or off throughout your home without having to navigate from room to room. OS 3 gives you the power to take immediate action in order to quickly secure your property before you leave for work or head to bed.

New & Improved Media Experience

The OS 3 Media Sessions icon makes streaming music and video throughout your home easier than ever. You can tap on the Media Sessions icon displayed in the top-right corner of every room screen to open a global overview of what is playing in the home. From this interface, enjoy one-tap control of power, volume, and room sharing for quick and personalized control of your home’s media.

The music and video playing in each room are also quickly visible and accessible with the Active Media bar at the top of your room screen, displaying media controls and track details where you can easily see and adjust them.

What’s more, OS 3 adds native support of MQA (Master Quality Authenticated) so you can experience high-performance audio through streaming services like TIDAL or your own MQA-encoded music.

The new features of OS 3 that we’ve highlighted above are truly exciting, but we’ve only scratched the service. In fact, OS 3 offers Salt Lake City-area homeowners more than 1,000 new features for unparalleled personalization of the Control4 smart home.

Ready to upgrade? As Control4’s first-ever certified dealer, we’re fully equipped to bring OS 3 to your home. For a test run first, you can always visit our local showroom to experience OS 3 for yourself before bringing it to your property! We’ll answer any questions you have in order to prepare you for the new OS 3 smart home experience.

Get in touch with us here or send us a live chat below to learn more about Control4 OS 3 or to get started on your home automation upgrade! We’re excited to hear from you.