Enjoy Hi-Res Audio Anywhere in Your Home with Bluesound

Introducing an Award-Winning Wireless Multi-Room Audio System for Music Enthusiasts

If you enjoy listening to music in and out of your Salt Lake City home, you’re in good company. Thanks to the streaming revolution, music is more accessible and portable than ever. But are you hearing your favorite songs the way the artists intended?

Without even knowing it, many music listeners are settling for subpar audio that strips away detail and texture from their favorite songs. Unsatisfied with this standard, Bluesound made it their mission to create a flexible, wireless multi-room audio system that lets homeowners stream uncompressed, hi-res music files throughout their house — and they succeeded.

In this blog, we’ll explore the unique benefits of Bluesound’s award-winning wireless hi-res sound system and how it can easily integrate with your Utah smart home. Get the details below!

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Your Home Audio, Anywhere

Seamlessly enjoy high-fidelity audio in any room of your home with powerful, compact wireless speakers and soundbars that are designed to complement any home décor. Available in both black and white, Bluesound’s speakers feature discreet, modern design and easily fit into both large and small spaces of your home.

With the BlueOS app, it’s easy to command every speaker to play your favorite tracks — or play a different track in each room — with stunning acoustic detail. Stream, store, and share audiophile quality sound from your existing music services like TIDAL and Deezer, and even access your stored media collections to listen to throughout your home.

Audiophile Certified

Bluesound solutions are made by audiophiles dedicated to nothing less than perfection when it comes to reproducing crystal-clear audio. With full support for high-resolution sound on all Bluesound products, listeners everywhere can stream uncompressed, 24-bit WAV, FLAC, and ALAC music files over their wireless network or from a connected USB device. True-to-sound music, which was once exclusive to wired Hi-Fi systems, can be enjoyed both digitally and wirelessly thanks to Bluesound.

Integrates with Control4

Every Bluesound Player is Control4 certified, which means Control4 homeowners receive the added benefit of integrating their Bluesound multi-room audio system with the rest of their smart home for even more seamless control.

Control4 users can manage their Bluesound Players and other BlueOS-functioning products through their Control4 interface of choice — whether that’s a universal remote, wireless keypad, touch screen, or smartphone app. Because Control4 is the leading provider of home automation systems, it’s only fitting that they partner with the leader in wireless hi-res sound systems to bring homeowners everywhere the best of audio and home control.

As a proud provider of Bluesound products and the first-ever certified Control4 dealer, we’re Salt Lake City’s trusted experts in transformative multi-room audio and intuitive home control. Send us a live chat below to learn more about Bluesound or to experience their unrivaled products for yourself by visiting our local showroom!

We look forward to assisting you!