Enjoy Great Savings On High Fidelity Audio Equipment

Our New Specials Page Offers Great Savings for the Holidays and Year Round

When you go shopping, you want the find the best price. You may want the cheapest price, but you don’t want cheaply made products. Additional benefits like warranties and repair services are always a welcome added bonus and the mark of a quality retailer. At AVWORX, our customers know we’ve been providing the best prices available on high-fidelity audio equipment, home theater gear, and more since 1989.

We recently launched a new Specials page on our website, offering even more significant savings on closeouts, display models and used AV equipment. All of the products on the Specials page keep a full warranty, so you know the trusted professionals at AVWORX back your considerable savings. Adding high-fidelity sound to your Salt Lake City, UT, home is easier than ever with a great price, warranty, and high-performance brand-name equipment.

Keep reading below to learn about how you can great deals on high-octane audio equipment – perfect for the upcoming holiday shopping season!

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High-Fidelity Audio Equipment

Occasionally, we can sell previous models of equipment at a discounted rate because a new model has become available. For example, when the MartinLogan added seven new loudspeakers to the Motion Series a few months ago, we were able to considerably lower the price of the previous models for our customers.

Continuous innovation from brands helps us offer amazing older models at a lower price so we can make room on our technology showroom floor for you to experience the new products. And who doesn’t want high-performance, high-fidelity audio at a great price?

Display and Discontinued Products

Some brands decide to discontinue older models when a newer model is released. When that happens, AVWORX can offer the older product at considerable savings to you. Any demonstration models we’ve had on the showroom floor are also offered at a discounted rate on our new Specials page.

Full Warranty

No matter what savings you find on the new Specials page, rest assured that every product sold comes with an AVWORX warranty. In case you have any issues with a Specials product – or any product sold at AVWORX – we stand behind our equipment and services 100%. Simply contact us if you have any issues. With AVWORX, there’s no risk in your purchase.

Check out our Specials page today, but be sure to check the page regularly as we consistently update it with new and exciting savings opportunities. Call us today at (801) 774-8080 to inquire about any of our high-fidelity audio brands or complete our contact form to get started.