Enjoy Big Backyard Sound with Origin Acoustics Loudspeakers

The Landscape Bollard Brings Amazing Audio and Aesthetics to Your Outdoor Spaces

It’s getting colder in Bountiful, UT, but that doesn’t mean you must forsake your beautiful outdoor spaces. If you like to relax fireside in an insulated patio or soak in the hot tub during the brisker seasons, why not add music to accompany your time outdoors?

Origin Acoustics is a premier outdoor speaker manufacturer that offers a wide range of hi-fi solutions that withstand the elements and add a sophisticated flair to your backyard. In this blog, we’ll focus on their Landscape Bollard Loudspeaker and why it’s a must-have for anyone looking for high-performance, evenly distributed sound with a modern aesthetic and durable design.

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Purpose-Built for the Outdoors

The Landscape Bollard Loudspeaker is purposefully designed for a beautiful and reliable listening experience in any outdoor environment. The 2-way loudspeaker features a far-reaching 360-degree acoustic lens and a 6 ½-inch buried subwoofer for full-range, premium audio from a high-quality aluminum enclosure.

The aluminum enclosure is powder-coated so that it looks great from season to season. Plus, the wiring is safely buried in underground conduit for rock-solid connectivity. You can also opt for 180-degree dispersion should you place your bollards in a border area. This option will keep your music from spilling into neighboring yards or in a space where music simply isn’t wanted.

Let There Be Light

Last year, Origin Acoustics announced a new addition to its Landscape Bollard Loudspeaker: The Bollard Light. Along with delivering rich, even sound to your backyard, the Landscape Bollard can also help illuminate your outdoor space once the sun goes down! The Bollard Light works with 12V low-voltage lighting systems, features a quick-release top for effortless maintenance, and takes MR16 bulbs.

Pick Your Enclosure and Finish

We love that the Landscape Bollard comes in a variety of styles. Choose from natural aluminum, matte black, and bronze finishes to complement the features of your backyard. While the round enclosure (seen in the photo above) is a thing of beauty, you can choose a square enclosure, too.

The Bollard Just Got Bigger

Along with its announcement of the Bollard Light last year, Origin Acoustics revealed the Bollard XL to offer—you guessed it—a larger outdoor speaker option. The Bollard XL features a much bigger 10-inch buried subwoofer compared to the standard 6 ½-inch sub, as well as a 6 ½-inch mid/high-frequency transducer compared to the standard 4-inch transducer.

Though more powerful in performance, the Bollard XL offers the same modern design aesthetic as the standard bollard by using the same high-end finishes. The Bollard Light isn’t yet available for the Bollard XL, but we believe Origin Acoustics is headed that way. After all, Origin Acoustics founder Jeremy Burkhardt said: “Everywhere there’s a speaker, there should be light.”

Experience big sound in the backyard with Origin Acoustics’ Landscape Bollard Loudspeaker that delivers even sound distribution, modern and durable design, and audiophile-grade performance. As a proud Origin Acoustics dealer, AVWORX can help get you started. Book a free consultation here!