Control4 Home Automation: Smart Home Control for Any Lifestyle


Experience the Versatile Features of Owning a Control4 Smart Home

One of the best benefits of owning a smart home system is that it’s designed to add convenience to your lifestyle.

Turning off the lights, arming your security system, lowering the shades or preparing your home theater for movie night don’t have to be tedious tasks. You can efficiently manage it all, either automatically or through just a few taps of your smartphone’s screen.

At AVWORX, we have a unique understanding of how integrated home technology control can enhance the lives of homeowners in Layton and throughout the state of Utah.

As the world’s first Control4 dealer and one of the few Control4 certified showrooms in the state of Utah, we have years of experience crafting customized home technology integration solutions for local homeowners.

In this blog, we explore some of the many ways you can manage a Control4 home automation solution – whether you’re at home or on the go.


Home Automation Features

Perhaps you don’t always have time to manage your home every day.

What if you could ensure that when you leave your home for work in the morning, you can rest assured knowing your front door is locked or that when you go to sleep, your security system is armed?

Control4 home automation allows you to take control of your home without you even needing to remember to perform the task.

Perhaps you have a geofence driver or a smart sensor installed in your driveway. That driver can connect to any Control4 system so that when your car departs in the morning, your front door equipped with a smart lock automatically becomes secured.

Likewise, you also can schedule automation commands for your Control4 system. If you and your family go to bed at 10 p.m. every weeknight, you can schedule for your alarm system to turn on automatically at that time – without you needing to press a button. Have you found that direct sunlight enters your living room during certain hours of the morning? Just schedule for your motorized shades to lower at that time of day.

Control4 allows you to schedule any automation command that fits with your lifestyle. Our team at AVWORX can help you not only build your home’s Control4 system, but also help you in programming any automation feature that your family might desire.


Detailed, Integrated Smart Home Control

While you certainly can use Control4 to encourage day-to-day tasks to happen in your home automatically, you also can use your Control4 system as a universal interface that manages every technology in your home.

Control4 offers a suite of integrated management options for homeowners, including universal remotes, in-wall keypads and touchscreen panels, tabletop touchscreens, and even smartphone, tablet and computer applications.

In terms of what you can manage through the Control4 interface, the options are endless. Here’s just a few of the things you can access through Control4: Lights, shades, speakers, TVs, security systems, thermostats, and much more.

Say, for example, you sit down to watch the big Utah football game in your media room. As you sit down, you open the Control4 application on your smartphone.

From that single interface, you dim the lights, lower the shades, turn on your TV, change the channel and adjust the volume. Without even getting up from your seat, you’re ready to watch the action.

For small tasks such as getting ready to watch a football game, Control4 enables you to conveniently manage all of your home technology. Instead of having to get up from your seat to turn off the lights, dealing with dangling cords to lower the shades and finding the right remote for your TV, you can control everything from a single device.


On-The-Go Control Features

One of the best aspects of a Control4 system is the ability to also manage your home remotely through a 4Sight subscription.

From anywhere in the world with an internet connection, you can check in on your property and make sure everything looks OK at home.

Out of town on vacation? Use the Control4 app to view whether your alarm system is armed or to have your system simulate your day-to-day energy usage to give the appearance to bystanders that your house is occupied.

Rushing out of the house and don’t have geofence drivers or smart driveway sensors? Lock your front door or close the garage door directly from your smartphone application.


Control4 home automation is meant to add convenience to your lifestyle. AVWORX is here to bring that level of ease to your family in the Layton area.

Interested in test-driving a Control4 system for yourself?

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