Control4 for the Health of It: Aid Wellness with Home Automation

The Home You Take Care of Can Also Take Care of You

Many might argue that the increasing prevalence of technology in our home and work lives is encouraging a more sedentary lifestyle behind computers and smart home devices. To make things worse, the media often pairs the advancement of technology with growing health issues like weight gain and higher risk of diseases.

We’re here to set the record straight for homeowners in Salt Lake City, UT. Strategic use of smart home technology, such as tunable lighting, motorized shades, and smart thermostats, can actually foster a healthier lifestyle. Plus, when integrated with a Control4 home automation system, these solutions can work together to aid in wellness on their own or with only the touch of a finger.

Let us give you the facts. Read below to learn how smart home technology can help you live better.

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Sleep Better with Smart Lighting and Shading

Too much exposure to cool, blue light, which emanates from our phones and tablets, can negatively affect our melatonin levels and sleeping patterns. Likewise, lack of regular exposure to natural light disrupts our circadian rhythms, which can cause fatigue and even chronic health problems.

Tunable white lighting simulates the dynamic intensity and color temperature of the sun indoors so you can enjoy naturally cooler light during the day and warmer light at night. Cooler light encourages focus and energy while warmer light signals our bodies to prepare for rest.

Complementary to tunable white lighting are motorized shades, which can be programmed to an astronomical timeclock to rise on their own in the morning to let in natural light in commonly used rooms and lower on their own at sunset to preserve privacy in the home.

Breathe Easier with Smart Climate Control

Smart thermostats do wonders for convenience and energy savings, but they can also help keep the air quality in your home at optimal levels for better breathing and sleeping. Beyond temperature, smart thermostats can also monitor and manage ventilation, airflow, air pollution, and humidity.

Take advantage of ambient temperature control, which employs authentic outdoor temperature changes in your home. Naturally, temperatures heat up during the day and cool down at night. That cool night air triggers our bodies to wind down. Rather than blasting cool air in the afternoon in an attempt to stay alert, circadian climate control can regulate your internal rhythms and encourage energy during the day and better sleep at night.

Craft One-Tap Wellness Scenes with Control4

With a Control4 home automation system, you can optimize your wellbeing with custom one-tap scenes that elicit different moods or correspond with different spaces of your home. For instance, when it’s time to relax after a stressful day at work, activate a scene that dims and warms your lights, lowers the thermostat, and streams relaxing soundscapes through your whole-home audio system.

Wellness scenes can be designed to help you feel energized in the morning, focused during the day, and relaxed in the evening. For total hands-off control, program scenes to activate on their own at scheduled times, or even with the sunrise and sunset. Your home will work on its own to maintain the optimal wellness environment for you and your family.

You take care of your home. Now let it take care of you by embracing the healing potential of smart home technology. As a certified Control4 dealer, we’re ready to help you start your journey to better living. To learn more, contact our team here or send us a live chat below. We look forward to assisting you.