CEDIA 2019: These Displays Are Redefining Home Entertainment

Explore Our Favorite Display Solutions from CEDIA for Your Custom Home Theater or Media Room

Every year, the biggest names in the AV industry showcase their most impressive home entertainment solutions at the Custom Electronic Design and Installation Association (CEDIA) Expo for thousands of eyes to see, and this year did not disappoint.

The three-day tradeshow just ended earlier this month, presenting incredible display solutions from elite brands like Screen Innovations, Sony, Epson, and more that are truly redefining how homeowners enjoy their favorite films, TV shows, and video games.

Read below to explore three of our favorite display solutions shown at CEDIA that would be a perfect addition to any custom home theater or media room in your Salt Lake City, UT home.

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Screen Innovations Zero-G Rollable TV

The Zero-G motorized, rollable TV (pictured above) from Screen Innovations brings a bigger-than-TV image to any room in your home without the need to rearrange your space for a massive flat-panel or fixed projector screen. How? It quietly lowers out of its case and expands at a preset location to give you a “levitating” image that’s suspended by ultra-thin cables.

Available at up to 160 inches in diameter, the Zero-G display comes in a variety of quality materials so that you always enjoy pristine picture no matter the brightness of the environment. Drop your Zero-G in front of a bay of windows and never worry about sunlight penetrating through your screen from behind.

The Zero-G allows for a flexible yet immersive media experience, easily mountable in any space of your home. Customize the drop of the screen from six inches to a whopping 16 feet depending on where you want the case to live, and choose from a crisp black or white model to complement your home décor.

Epson LS-500 4K Short-Throw Projector

Epson is also bringing new meaning to flexible yet immersive entertainment with its LS-500 Laser Projection TV, an advanced ultra-short-throw digital projector capable of displaying 4K HDR content at up to 120 inches. This projector, which sits only inches away from your screen, is perfect for any private cinema or media room environment where it may be difficult to install a projector.

The Epson LS-500 Laser Projection TV combines an ultra-short-throw 4K laser projector and fixed ambient light rejecting screen, available at 100 inches or 120 inches. Enjoy exceptionally bright and beautifully vivid color no matter the brightness of the room with the LS-500, which features 4,000 lumens and over 2,500,000:1 contrast ratio.

Sony Z9G 8K LCD Television

For homeowners who desire big-screen entertainment but want a flat-panel TV instead of a projector and screen, the Sony Master Series Z9G 8K LCD TV is quite the contender for above-and-beyond picture at up to 98 inches.

Also available at a slightly smaller 85 inches, the Z9G reimagines entertainment by featuring 8K resolution, which is four times the resolution of today’s standard 4K TVs. The Z9G is powered by Sony’s X1 Ultimate processor, which enables the display to analyze every frame of incoming video to ensure the clarity, contrast, and color is perfectly accurate to the creator’s intent. Sit right at the heart of the action and embrace the thrills of the theater from the comfort of your home. Transform the way you enjoy your favorite content with innovative AV solutions from leading brands like Screen Innovations, Epson, Sony, and more. Our team at AVWORX partners with the industry’s most elite manufacturers to bring you the latest in custom home entertainment. Learn more or get started today by contacting our team here or by visiting our local showroom. We look forward to assisting you!