Bring New Life to Your Control4 Smart Home with Whole-Home Audio

How do you like to listen to music? Maybe you stream tunes from your computer, carry your smartphone around as a speaker, or select playlists to stream through your smart TV. Today’s technology makes it easy to enjoy music the way you want to, but no way is more convenient than whole-home audio through your Control4 home automation system.

Whole-home audio brings your favorite music to any and every room of your Utah house that features connected speakers, transforming your Ogden-area property into a musical haven with just the press of a button.

Below, we’ll take you through the benefits of whole-home audio, explore Control4’s intuitive control options, and introduce a flexible wireless way to enjoy high-fidelity audio with Bluesound. Just keep reading for more.

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Control4 Home Automation: Smart Home Control for Any Lifestyle

  Experience the Versatile Features of Owning a Control4 Smart Home One of the best benefits of owning a smart home system is that it’s designed to add convenience to your lifestyle. Turning off the lights, arming your security system, lowering the shades or preparing your home theater for movie night don’t have to be…

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