Bring Brilliant Sound and Images to Every Room and Outdoor Area with a Whole-Home AV System

Create an Easy-to-Use Entertainment System for Your Home

Think about everything your audio-video systems do to enhance your everyday lifestyle. When you return home after a long day, you may relax a little by listening to your favorite after-work playlist. Others have a favorite TV show they switch on.

In the morning, your audio may wake you with gentle music before you check out the weather report on the local news station. When you think about it, there’s rarely a moment that goes by without our reliance on audio-video systems.

A whole-home audio-video system transforms this experience. Now, it’s all controlled through one user-friendly interface, and the many separate pieces of equipment become a unified whole. This system works together to bring a level of sound and images once unimaginable. Let’s explore how these systems are transforming homes in Ogden, UT.

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The Modern AV Solution

For many people, listening to their favorite music or watching their weekly shows is a somewhat fragmented experience that involves separate equipment in each room. We listen to our treasured vinyl collection in one room and take our Bluetooth out to the yard for music by the pool. We stream music and movies from smart TVs and computers and, if we’re fortunate, enjoy the immersive sound and video experience in our dedicated home theater or media room.

But what if our whole home could offer the kind of sound that surrounds us? What if we could watch the game in the living room and then head to our outdoor entertainment area without missing a play? And, what if we could control our whole system in every room from one user-friendly platform?

The Makings of a Distributed Audio-Video Systems

Whole-home audio-video provides simple access to music, movies, and shows no matter the source and regardless if the content is streamed from the internet, cable or satellite, or stored on a server. Perfectly synced audio and video in every room with effortless control is possible.

The equipment for this remarkable experience is tucked away, housed neatly in a closet or cabinet. From this equipment, your whole-home AV system is distributed to every room and outdoor area where you enjoy crystal-clear images and high-resolution sound.

The sound comes from strategically placed architectural in-wall and in-ceiling speakers that blend seamlessly with a home’s décor. In your outdoor areas, satellite landscape speakers and in-ground subwoofers deliver the sound that fills the air, while the latest indoor and outdoor 4K HDR TVs offer brilliant color and images that appear to pop off the screen.

Integrated with Home Automation

When your whole-home AV system is integrated with Control4 home automation, magic happens. One tap on your touchscreen, remote, or smartphone, and you can experience one beautiful melody flowing through your home and out into the yard.

When everyone’s involved in their own projects, one family member can enjoy an audiobook while gardening while another listens to their favorite podcast in the kitchen. Simply select the source and choose the room you want to hear it.

Press one button to set the temperature, lights, and music, creating the perfect ambiance for an evening with friends and family. Stream tunes to the patio, light the gas firepit and illuminate your landscape lighting all from one intuitive interface.

At AVWORX, we’ve been creating whole-home AV solutions for our many clients for over 30 years. To learn more about these remarkable systems or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact AVWORX today.