Beat the Cold and Save Energy This Winter with Motorized Shades

Keep Your Home Warmer without Wreaking Havoc on Your HVAC System

How do you prepare for the cold season in Utah? Blankets, hot chocolate, and lots of layers may be a good start, but we know one smart home addition that will not only keep your home warm but help you save on energy costs, too.

In this blog, we explore how motorized shades are the perfect green solution for keeping your Ogden home warmer this winter—and more comfortable during every other season, too. Read on to learn more.

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Insulate Your Home

Extreme hot and cold temperatures can wreak havoc on your HVAC system and quickly run up your energy bills. To better control the amount of energy you use this winter season, install motorized shades on every window to insulate your home and trap warm air inside.

Without this extra layer of insulation, the warm air from your heater system will more easily escape through windows, causing your energy usage to skyrocket as you attempt to keep your home warm. Motorized shades are a smarter solution to ensure warm air stays inside while giving your HVAC system the break it needs.

Think of your motorized shades as a blanket. When you’re cold, you wrap yourself up to trap heat and stay warm. Motorized shades on your windows do the same for your home by keeping both solar radiation and the warm air from your heater trapped inside for longer so you can rely less on your heating system.

Schedule Scenes

Throughout the cold season, there will still be times during the day when you’d like to raise your shades to let in natural light or enjoy your outdoor views. By integrating your motorized shades with a home automation system like Control4, you can easily schedule your shades to lift and lower at certain times throughout the day and night.

If you enjoy natural light in the morning, set a schedule for your shades to lift at 7:00 AM and lower again at 4:00 PM when it starts to get chillier and darker outside. You can also create scenes that keep shades which face the sun open for longer than those facing away from the sun to optimize natural light and solar heat gain where it matters most.

Whether you choose to create one-tap scenes for the shades in your home or automate them to lift and lower on their own, Control4 makes it easy.

Use Temperature Sensors

For even more convenience and peace of mind, you can use integrated sensors that detect the temperature in your house and adjust your motorized shades accordingly. If the sensors detect that your home is getting too cold, your shades will lower to keep more warm air inside. Conversely, if your home gets too warm, your shades will adjust to let some warm air escape.

With a Control4 smart home system, you can even integrate your HVAC system and lighting control system with your motorized shades to create the best energy-saving protocols in your home without lifting a finger. You’ll stay warmer this winter and comfortable all year long while lowering your energy costs all around.

Ready to stay warmer while lowering your energy consumption this season? As your local motorized shades installer, our team at AVWORX can help get you started today. Connect with us here, send us a live chat below, or visit our local showroom to experience motorized shades for yourself! We look forward to assisting you.