Are You Using Your Surveillance System to its Full Potential?

Smart Business Surveillance Can Do More Than Help Deter Crime

Did you know businesses are four times more likely to be burglarized than homes? If your business isn’t using a video surveillance system to help prevent crime and break-ins, it’s time to consider one. Plus, the presence of cameras shows your staff and customers that you care about their safety.

But that’s not all that video surveillance can do for you and your workplace. When you maximize the potential of a smart business surveillance system for your office, retail store, or fitness center in Bountiful, UT, you’ll gain invaluable benefits that span beyond deterring crime.

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Office Surveillance

As with any business, surveillance is commonly used within an office to record potential criminal activity. However, a smart surveillance system also allows employers to monitor the office anytime—from anywhere. If you often travel or don’t physically work within your office every day, you can remotely check on surveilled business areas from your smartphone, tablet, or laptop.

Check that your staff closed and locked the front and back doors and turned the lights off in the evening. See who entered or exited the office during the workday. If you want to be notified of unusual events, such as a staff member arriving early or leaving late, your surveillance system can trigger real-time notifications to your smartphone for such activity.

Retail Surveillance

A smart surveillance system for your retail business can also do more than deter crime; it can help you better manage your store. Use surveillance footage to track customer behavior patterns to determine where there may be foot traffic congestion or not enough foot traffic. You can assess how customers behave when they enter: where they go first, how long they stay in the store, and so on. This information can help you make better decisions for store safety, staffing, displaying merchandise, and improving customer conversion.

Fitness Center Surveillance

Fitness centers are just as vulnerable to theft as other businesses. While you must be careful to follow laws that dictate where you can and cannot surveil, surveillance cameras are crucial for areas such as the lobby and childcare drop-off and pickup.

Surveillance cameras that can trigger alerts or events, such as an alarm, are especially important for areas that may be vacant during workout classes or staffed by only one or two people—such as the lobby or front desk. Cameras that feature advanced video analytics are also critical for areas where adults drop off or pick up their children before or after a workout. In the terrifying event of an abducted or missing child, high-resolution cameras with advanced video analytics will help capture small details, such as facial features and license plates pertaining to possible suspects.


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