Add Rich Sound to Your Yard with Triad Garden Array Speakers

Superior Sound Coverage in a Compact, Discreet Package

It’s hard to beat a pairing like summer and sunshine. The warm season beckons us outdoors to breathe in the fresh air and soak up some vitamin D. While some like to make the most of summertime with travel, you can enjoy your own staycation in the backyard—especially when you add music.

Music is an essential element of fun, so why not bring your favorite tunes to the pool and patio with outdoor speakers? A sweet-sounding summer can be yours with the Garden Array speaker system by Triad, which blankets yards of any size with rich, beautiful sound without hindering your landscape.

Read below to learn more about the Triad Garden Array speaker system and how to add one to your backyard in Ogden, UT just in time for summer.

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Scalable for Every Outdoor Listening Experience

Whether you want music around a small patio or throughout your entire estate, the Garden Array outdoor speaker system can deliver. Each satellite speaker is built around a unique, ultra-broad dispersion driver that provides superior sound coverage of 150 degrees. Satellites can be located up to 15-20 feet apart from each other and will deliver consistent volume levels and tonal balance for any size area without the beaming or hot-spotting of conventional designs.

Bass Precisely Where You Want It

While many outdoor subwoofers are designed to live under the ground, the Garden Array subwoofer is designed for both above-ground and below-ground installations so that the bass can be located precisely where you want it. Place the compact 10-inch Garden Array subwoofer on your patio or deck for smaller applications or choose to bury it near the pool or among your flowerbeds.

Unobtrusive, All-Weather Design

We often forget about the damaging effects of the elements until we leave our technologies outside for too long. Fortunately, you won’t have to worry about ruining your speaker system when you choose the Garden Array series by Triad. All satellites and subwoofers feature all-weather enclosures and are specially designed to withstand extreme temperatures, dust, water, and other conditions.

Plus, if you’re concerned about bulky speakers and equipment stealing the spotlight from your curated landscaping, you’ll enjoy the Garden Array speakers’ discreet design. The subwoofer can live entirely underground, save for an unobtrusive cap port, and satellites can mount inconspicuously among shrubberies and other plants. They also feature adjustable mounting poles of up to 18 inches for flexible installation.

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