Add Beauty and Smarts to Your Home with Control4 Lighting Keypads

Plus, Control More Than Your Lights Too

One of the key reasons homeowners upgrade to a smart lighting system is for simplicity. Instead of making laborious rounds to turn on lights everywhere, homeowners can eliminate this hassle with custom lighting scenes that illuminate the whole house or certain rooms at the touch of a button.

Like other smart home devices, a smart lighting system can be controlled via a mobile app. But that’s not where the control options end. In fact, on-wall keypads from Control4 add both beauty and smarts to your home by complementing your décor with stunning wall plates and offering flexible button configurations for one-tap control of your lights and other smart home devices.

Reimagine how you control your smart home in Syracuse, UT by learning more about the benefits of Control4 keypads below.

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Beautiful Colors and Finishes

On-wall light switches serve a useful purpose. It’s not always convenient to whip out your smartphone every time you need to turn lights on and off in the house. But Control4 keypads are not your typical light switch. These smart keypads replace traditional switches to provide beautiful interfaces that combine custom-engraved button configurations with complementary colors and finishes.

Choose from several colors for faceplates and buttons, including white, almond, brown, black, and aluminum, and finishes like gloss and satin. Four different button sizes allow for a total of 38 possible configurations so you can choose the ones that make your life easiest. LED button backlighting is also customizable and provides visual feedback for which lights or smart home scenes are activated.

Wired and Wireless Solutions

Wired keypads are best installed during new construction or renovation when our team can work with your electrician and interior designer to select the optimal locations for your keypads around the home. Installing a centralized lighting control system at the start means you can easily reduce the number of keypads needed around the house for a clean and curated look.

However, if you’re replacing switches in an existing home and don’t want to tear open walls, that’s not a problem. Control4 wireless keypads, dimmers, and switches are an excellent alternative for the lighting and smart home control you want without an extensive and messy installation.

Control More Than Just Your Lights

Why stop at lighting? Sure, Control4 keypads offer effortless one-tap control of lights in one, several, or all rooms of your home, but that’s just the beginning. Configurable buttons allow for quick control of all your favorite smart home devices, as well as your smart home scenes.

For instance, a “Goodnight” button can shut off your indoor lights, illuminate the porch lights, lock the doors, and arm your alarm system. A “Movie” button can dim your home theater lights, power on your home theater system, and call up your preferred video streaming service. You can also include up and down buttons for volume control, buttons for motorized shades and thermostats, and more—the configuration is up to you.

Ready to go from bright to brilliant with beautiful Control4 smart home keypads? We have a variety of Control4 keypads on display at our showroom that you can test for yourself! Visit our showroom today or schedule a free consultation by contacting us here or sending us a live chat below. We look forward to assisting you.