A Smarter Remote for Your Home Automation

The Control4 Neeo Puts Full Control in the Palm of Your Hand

People often have a love-hate relationship with remote controls. Some marvel at the many things you can do with them with the click of a button. Others marvel at how complicated they sometimes get, and what do all those buttons do anyway?

Control4 is a company that has been revolutionizing home automation for over 15 years. They were the first company to make a system that could easily retrofit into existing homes, making extensive use of network and wireless technology. They also radically simplified programming home automation with their initial products.

Control4 is relentless in its pursuit of making smart home automation approachable and straightforward, from AV control to lighting to the thousands of devices that they can intelligently control. To that end, they recently introduced the Neeo, a stylish new remote that blends the best of touch screen intuitiveness with the convenience of tactile buttons.

Is the Neeo the right remote control for your Control4 home automation system in Salt Lake City? We think you’ll say yes, and you can learn more about it below!

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Sleek, Minimalist Design

Forget those cryptic button-encrusted remote controls. The Neeo is a fresh take on what a remote control should be. The weight and balance of the remote feel just right in the hand. The aluminum body, available in black or silver, exudes quality. You don’t need to hide this remote; it’s a premium piece of equipment.

Intuitive Yet Powerful

The Neeo combines a 3-inch, high-resolution glass touchscreen with tactile buttons for oft-used controls. The touchscreen portion makes it easy to see the status of home devices and easily access home automation features. Turn lights on and off, lock your smart locks, or set the temperature with a few touches. Use your programmed scenes with a touch of a clearly labeled icon, like “Movie Time.” The tactile buttons give you a reassuring way to breeze through cable TV guides onscreen, control volume, and manage play/pause transport functions with no lag, all by feel rather than looking at a touchscreen.

Powered by Control4 OS 3

The beautiful design alone would make it a superior remote, but its real power lies in the recently released Control4 OS 3. This latest smart home software simplified home automation even further and put more customizability features into users’ hands without programming. You can take a Neeo around your house and control lighting, motorized shades, smart thermostats, your home AV systems, and even your pool and spa. The remote works as another interface to Control4 OS 3, giving you control your way.

If you like the intuitive nature of touch screens and the visual nature of seeing a response to your commands, you’ll love the Neeo. For example, the music that’s playing on your whole-home audio system will be easily seen on the screen. You can change volume or skip tracks via buttons on the remote, or change what’s playing where via the screen. With the Neeo, you always know what your smart home is doing.

Visit our showroom for a demonstration of the Control4 Neeo and the power of OS 3. This is a remote control you will love for your smart home. For more information, contact our team here or send us a live chat below now. We look forward to working with you!