A Lighting Control System Can Help You Fight the Winter Blues

Manage Seasonal Change with Tunable Lighting

The weather outside can be frightful this time of year, so why not utilize your lighting control system to its maximum potential to save energy and help you adjust to seasonal changes? With a lighting control system, you can manage the artificial lighting within your home to mimic that of natural lighting.

Keep reading to learn how a lighting control system can help everyone in your Ogden, UT home adjust to seasonal light changes.

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Exterior Lighting

The days have become shorter this time of year. By programming your exterior lighting to turn on at dusk, you can ensure your home is well-lit and deter burglars from taking advantage of dark and poorly lit areas on a property. Circumvent this issue by making your exterior lights turn on automatically in winter and all year long. At sunrise, your exterior lighting can automatically shut off to save on energy costs.

Interior Lighting Control

You can also program your interior lighting to operate at specific times of the day. In the mornings, your lighting fixtures can automatically turn on as programmed, or you can operate each room’s lighting individually with a lighting control system. With voice control, wall keypads, remotes, or a smart device, you can adjust your lighting as you need within your smart home.

Color Tunable Lighting

As the seasons change, you may find you or someone in your family has a case of the winter blues. Beat the battle of shorter days and fewer hours of natural sunlight with color-tunable LED lighting. Color-tunable lighting delivers the perfect color temperature for any occasion in your home. The limited hours of daylight or being cooped up at the office with harsh fluorescent lighting can affect a person’s natural body rhythms, leaving many of us unable to wind down in the evenings and get enough sleep.

Cooler tones improve your focus and energy – great for that midafternoon slump – while warmer tones are perfect for winding down in the evenings after a long day. With the tap of a button or by preprogrammed scenes, your entire Ogden home’s lighting can be adjusted as you need.

With the wintry season upon us, be empowered to use your lighting control system in innovative ways that make life easier. Call us today at (801) 774-8080 or use our consultation form to get started on your free no-obligation consultation. We can’t wait to hear from you!