4 Smart Tips to Prepare for Fall (with Help from Home Automation)

Make Seasonal Changes to Your Home Easy with Smart Technology

With colder seasons fast approaching, it’s time to consider the changing needs of your home. Preparing your home and routines for fall and winter can be demanding: clean the chimney, inspect the furnace, cover plants, bring in seasonal patio furniture, grab blankets and jackets from storage… the list goes on.

While Control4 home automation can’t cover your plants or fetch clothing from the attic, it can certainly help make transitioning into fall and winter in Farmington, UT a little easier. As an experienced home automation company and the first-ever Control4 dealer, we’d love to share a few ways home automation can help you prepare for the changing seasons. Explore them below!

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Set Lights to Adjust with the Sun

We all know that with fall and winter come shorter days and longer nights. Rather than returning to a dark and ominous home after work, connect your lights to Control4’s built-in astronomical clock so that they turn on at dusk and turn off at dawn—no matter the time. There’s no need to adjust your light schedules to daylight savings time! Enjoy hands-free illumination that’s always there when you need it.

Schedule Motorized Shades to Lift on Sun-Facing Windows

In summer, you may keep shades on sun-facing windows closed at peak sunlight hours to lower dependence on your air conditioner. However, that heat from the sun can benefit your home in colder seasons. When your motorized shades are integrated with Control4, you can schedule them to lift when the sun hits your home to take advantage of natural warming and avoid overworking your heating system.

Greet and Let in Guests from Anywhere

As family and friends visit for holiday celebrations and extended stays, Control4’s Chime video doorbell and a connected smart lock allow you to greet and let guests in no matter where you are or what you’re doing. From the convenience of the Control4 app, you can see, hear, and talk to whoever arrives at your doorstep and remotely unlock the door and even turn on the porch lights with a button tap.

Tweak Your Smart Home to Fit the Season

Your life changes with the seasons, so shouldn’t your smart home? Control4 lets you personalize your home automation sequences and smart home scenes through their When >> Then programming platform. Set the mood with a holiday playlist that starts when you activate your “Evening” smart home scene. Tune your landscape lights to a deep amber hue to complement the fall season. Program the fireplace to turn on when you double-tap the keypad in the living room. The options are endless!


Whether you’re looking for easier ways to reduce your energy use, adjust to new routines, or entertain this fall and winter, Control4 has got your back. Visit our local showroom to see Control4 in action and speak to an expert about the many possibilities of Control4 home automation! Schedule a visit by contacting us here or chatting with us below.