4 Smart Technology Upgrades Your Office Needs Now

Work Smarter with a Robust Office Automation System from AVWORX

Office spaces have evolved dramatically over the years, and technology is the main catalyst behind those changes. The office shift of our generation is promoting more than just a space to get work done; it’s also heavily considering the comfort and well-being of workers, a greener planet, and, of course, more streamlined operations.

Don’t let your Salt Lake City office get behind the times. Enhance your Utah office space for better working conditions and maximized productivity with distributed A/V, wireless presentation technology, smart lighting and shading, and a robust office automation system from our team at AVWORX. Read below to learn how these solutions will help bring your office into the 21st century.

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Distributed Audio Video

With an upgraded A/V system, you can instantly distribute information across your office space from one central source. No longer will you have to worry about multiple controls and feeds from the many TVs, projector screens, and sound systems spread throughout your office spaces.

A distributed A/V system makes managing music and digital displays a breeze, and valuable IT time is no longer wasted on constant setup, teardown, and training on how to use equipment.

Our team can help craft the perfect audio video system for your office that optimizes production and comfort to the highest degree. With 4K TV displays, projector/screen setups, and high-quality streaming audio, we’ll bring the latest technology to you and calibrate your devices so that you experience only the best quality of sound and image throughout your office. Give your employees the best environment to be productive and deliver essential information clearly and effectively.

Wireless Presentations

Make meetings and presentations more efficient with a wireless collaboration solution that allows you to transmit images, presentations, videos, and other files from multiple smart devices onto your projection screen or interactive whiteboard with high-definition quality.

Imagine you’re giving a group presentation in your conference room, and each presenter has their own slides to use for their part of the meeting. Instead of passing around a flash drive to gather everyone’s materials or taking turns plugging and unplugging respective devices to the display, each user can effortlessly mirror their smart device and even share the display with four users simultaneously.

Wireless collaboration solutions for your meetings and presentations enable onscreen annotations, instant screen capture, wireless file sharing, easy access to Cloud resources, and more. This intuitive application will transform the way your team works together to solve problems, maximize productivity, and increase morale.

Smart Lighting & Shading

Reduce your office’s carbon footprint, as well as increase convenience, with smart lighting and shading control. These two solutions go hand-in-hand when looking for ways to automate daily operations that also contribute to better energy efficiency.

Control every light fixture in your office at the touch of a button, or program your lights to turn on and off at specific times so you no longer forget to switch off your lights when you leave the office. Use vacancy sensors throughout your space to trigger lights when traffic enters or leaves a room for even more energy efficiency.

With motorized shades, instantly raise or lower your window treatments with a single command or configure them to automatically block out the glaring sunlight, solar heat, or winter chill. Motorized shades come in a variety of fabrics and styles to best meet the needs of your office.

We can integrate the latest lighting and shading control systems for your office to allow for seamless control from a single interface. When used together, smart lighting and shading significantly help lower electricity bills as well as provide the most comfortable lighting and temperature environment for you and your staff.

One-Touch Control

With an office automation system installed by our team, tie all of your smart technologies together into an intuitive interface for one-touch control of your whole workspace.

Control each technology separately from the same device, or automate them to work together by setting scenes that turn on your lights, close your shades and begin playing music throughout the office — all at the press of one button.

When you let our team at AVWORX automate the daily operations in your office space, you’re empowered to focus on what really matters: Your staff and your business.

With an office automation system for your Salt Lake City business, we at AVWORX can help you transform your business for success in 2019.

Learn more about our custom automation solutions for your office by contacting us here or by sending a live chat below to talk with a team member now. We look forward to hearing from you!