4 Reasons Why It’s High Time You Had an Outdoor Speaker System

Make Cookouts and Yardwork More Enjoyable While Adding Value to Your Home

One of the greatest home improvement projects you can take on today is an outdoor sound system installation—especially in the Syracuse, UT area where weather and backyard views are beautiful. A professionally installed outdoor speaker system defies the elements, is easy to control, and adds increased entertainment value to your home.

If you’re considering adding outdoor audio to your home, our team at AVWORX would love to work with you to make your vision a reality. Don’t delay any longer! Read below to learn four reasons why now is the time to invest in the outdoor sound system you’ve always wanted.

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Spice Up Your Backyard Activities

Music plays a key role in our lives, and backyard hangouts are no exception. Whether you’re hosting a cookout, taking a dip in the pool, or enjoying your morning cup of coffee on the patio, pairing music with these activities enhances the experience and intensifies the fun. You can even stream other media beyond music like the news or a podcast if that better suits the occasion. Control is as easy as picking up your smartphone or tablet, selecting your preferred streaming service, and adjusting the volume.

Make Yardwork More Fun

You and your family like to use your backyard for play and leisure, but it takes work to maintain your outdoor spaces. Cutting the grass, cleaning the pool, grooming the garden—these tasks aren’t likely the highlight of your weekends. But an outdoor sound system can brighten any task, no matter how grueling. Enjoy rich, high-fidelity music from cleverly concealed speakers that stay out of your way so you can take on any backyard project without worrying about ruining your equipment.

Add Value to Your Property

A professionally installed audio system that’s easy to use and maintains the beauty of your backyard can greatly improve your property value. While anyone can buy wireless weatherproof speakers to put in their backyard, there’s more value in an outdoor sound system that has been properly designed and installed to maximize the listening enjoyment in every area of your backyard while keeping eyes on the aesthetics of your landscaping. Plus, you’ll never have to worry about speaker placement, recharging your speakers, or bringing them inside when it rains. Just pick a playlist and enjoy.

You Have So Many Options!

Outdoor speakers come in many shapes and sizes for a variety of applications and environments. You don’t have to limit yourself to wall-mounted speakers in the patio. Opt for landscape satellite speakers that envelop your backyard with evenly dispersed audio, choose speakers designed to look like rocks, consider in-ceiling speakers for the veranda, and more. Our team can help you decide which speakers would look and perform best in your backyard living spaces based on your preference and budget.

Our experts at AVWORX know outdoor audio like the back of our hands. Let’s start your project today! To book a free consultation with us, call 801-774-8080 or fill out our online contact form. We look forward to working with you.