4 Reasons Why a Control4 System is Perfect for Your Home

Enjoy Stylish Comfort and Convenience with Smart Home Automation

More than likely, you have several smart home devices in your home. The average American household is forecasted to have 13 networked devices and connections next year, and there are a few things you can do to make all of those connected smart devices work seamlessly together.

First and foremost, your home network should be improved to handle the influx of traffic from your connected devices without sacrificing speed or security. Secondly, incorporating a Control4 home automation system allows you to manage your smart devices effortlessly. Control4 brings not only the luxury of convenience, but also additional benefits to your Syracuse, UT home.

Keep reading to learn four reasons why a Control4 system is a perfect fit for your Utah home.

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Simplified Control

Instead of scrolling through multiple apps or juggling remotes to control your wide variety of smart devices, why not use one straightforward interface to control all of your devices – from garage doors to entertainment to security systems – available from Control4.

Control4’s latest OS 3 system allows you to designate favorites on your personalized dashboard, so the smart solutions you use most often are front and center. You can even have an at-a-glance view of your entire home so that you can view the status of your smart devices instantly. With a quick look, you can check if your smart locks are locked, if motorized shades are open, and the status of your security system.

Smart Lighting

Not only can a lighting control system help you fight the winter blues, but smart lighting can help you save energy while also bringing convenience to your Syracuse-area home. Imagine walking down a dark hallway in the evening and motion sensors picking up your presence and signaling lighting to turn on, so your pathway is comfortably lit.

Your lighting can also be programmed to sync with an astronomical clock. Exterior lighting can turn off automatically at sunrise and turn on at dusk. Interior lighting can sync with a morning wakeup routine – bedside lamps can turn on while motorized shades rise with the sun. Talk about a convenient morning routine!

Home Security

Your peace of mind is one of our top priorities at AVWORX, so that’s why we enjoy Control4’s security features. An alarm system, surveillance cameras, a video doorbell, and smart locks are all valuable components of a security system, and Control4 makes them even more powerful working together.

Whenever someone enters your home, a door is left unlocked, or whenever a water leak is detected, you will receive alerts of these occurrences, whether you’re at home or away on vacation. Control4 unique Mockupancy app will even alternate the operation of your smart devices – like lighting, shades, and AV – in a pattern based on your actual usage in order to make your home appear occupied. Deter potential thieves and gain comfort that your home is not an easy target while you’re away.

Voice Control

Hands-free control is convenient and allows you to be efficient in your home. While you walk in from the garage with your arms full of groceries, you can say, “Alexa, turn kitchen on” to turn on the kitchen lighting so you can see your way to the counter to drop the grocery bags.

In the home theater, say, “Alexa, turn on Netflix” to cue up your entertainment system. The hidden projection screen will roll down as the projector fires up, all while you walk into the room with your favorite beverage and snack. We can’t wait to help you integrate the smart devices in your home. If you’re ready to bring the power of Control4 automation into your Syracuse-area home, call us today at (801) 774-8080, chat with us below, or set up a free consultation online.