4 Questions to Ask Before Installing an Outdoor Sound System

Bringing High-Quality Audio Outdoors Takes Some Planning

We’ve said it many times: Music is a must-have addition to any activity in the backyard. With an outdoor sound system, you can bring new life to your outdoor living spaces and easily create the perfect soundtrack for swimming, grilling, relaxing, exercising, and more.

If you’re hoping to add music to your backyard, remember that planning goes a long way. For dedicated outdoor audio, there are a few things to consider first before diving in. After all, bringing music outside presents challenges not seen indoors, like unenclosed spaces, combating noise, and the elements.

Get started on the right foot by asking the following questions before adding an outdoor sound system to your Farmington, UT home.

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Where Do You Want to Listen?

Do you want powerful stereo sound on the patio, or do you want ambient background music throughout your expansive property? Maybe you want a combination of the two. How and where you want to listen to music will determine the best system for your needs. Plus, if your backyard is exposed to lots of noise, you’ll need a system capable of delivering clean, quality sound at louder volumes.

Which Speaker Styles Suit Your Landscape?

Performance matters first, but aesthetics are important, too. The best outdoor audio systems today feature a wide variety of styles for nearly any application. Make a statement with Origin Acoustics 2-way bollard loudspeakers (like those in the photo above) or conceal your system by opting for rock speakers that blend with your landscaping. For covered patios, you may prefer wall-mounted or in-ceiling options. Where you want to listen will also determine which speakers are best for your space.

Where Will You Store Components?

Dedicated outdoor speaker systems consist of more than just speakers and subwoofers. You must consider where you’ll store your amplifiers and source components and how you’ll wire everything throughout your outdoor living spaces. Distance between your speakers and amps will also influence the type of speaker wire and the amount of power you’ll need to ensure your audio quality doesn’t suffer.

How Do You Want to Control Music?

Do you want to control your outdoor sound system independently, or do you want to integrate it with your indoor sound system? The second option simplifies music control indoors and outdoors, allowing you to manage everything from one interface. Either way, both options can be controlled through your smartphone for simple control. If you’d rather use a hard-button remote control, that’s also possible. For even more convenience, integrate your music system with a home control system like Control4 to quickly access other technologies like lights, fans, and pool pumps from the same place.

Work with a professional outdoor audio installer like AVWORX for the best results! If you’re ready to start your project, connect with our audio specialists by filling out our contact form or sending us a message in the chat box below to book a free consultation.