4 Places to Install Surveillance Cameras Throughout Your Home

security cameras on the building walls

Maximize Coverage for Better Protection Around the Clock

If you’ve done your research into the myriad of surveillance systems and picked out a solution for your home, congratulations! That process is no easy feat. Now it’s time for another difficult step: installing your cameras for maximum coverage and protection.

If you haven’t yet decided on the right surveillance camera system for your Salt Lake City, UT home, our security experts at AVWORX can assist. Plus, knowing where to install your cameras for optimal protection may even help narrow down the types of cameras you should buy.

While no home is one-size-fits-all, the following camera placement suggestions are best practice for ensuring you get the most out of your surveillance system and protect what matters.

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Entryways are an obvious location to surveil, especially side and back doors. As the easiest places to enter the home, intruders will likely try ground-level doors first. Plus, front entries are also where packages are commonly stolen. Consider a video doorbell for your front entry and high-mounted outdoor cameras for other entries around your property—including the garage.

Front and Back Yards

Monitoring your yard keeps eyes on potential intruders who may be scoping out your property. The cameras you install for entry surveillance may likely cover your front and back yards too, depending on the field of view and resolution. Consider surveillance camera systems with video analytics technology that can spot lingering vehicles or persons and notify you of suspicious activity in real-time.

Common Areas

Placing cameras in common interior areas like the kitchen and living room lets you remotely monitor activity inside the home while you’re away. Check-in with the babysitter, make sure your pets aren’t ruining the sofa, and keep an eye on contractors or house cleaners. Consider common rooms with large ground-floor windows since these areas could be an easy target for entry.

Stairway or Main Hallway

Some intruders may try to outsmart your surveillance system by entering through places where you’re unlikely to have a camera, such as a bathroom or bedroom window. In that case, you can ensure they don’t move about undetected by surveilling main walkways, like staircases and hallways. Even if they successfully make it inside, you’ll still capture them when they pass through from one area to the next.

A Few More Tips

  • When installing cameras, be sure to mount them high off the ground for optimal visibility of the area you’re surveilling and to keep them out of easy reach.
  • Consider high-resolution cameras, such as 4K, for sharper images and better view of small but crucial details like facial features and license plate numbers—even in low light.
  • Choose a system that offers local storage via video recorders rather than storing footage on the cloud to avoid potential privacy issues and unnecessary fees.
  • Work with a professional home technology expert like AVWORX to integrate your surveillance system with the rest of your smart devices to increase home security and make controlling your home easy from a single platform.

You deserve the utmost protection for your property. Let AVWORX help design and install a custom surveillance camera system for you. To book a free consultation with our security experts, contact us here or send us a message in the chat box below.