4 Major Benefits of Video Conferencing Equipment

Give Your Business a Modern Upgrade & Host Better Meetings 

Virtual meetings aren’t an entirely new concept. For decades, people have called into meetings over the conference room phone, whether it’s clients or satellite offices. But with the modern prevalence of video meetings, is it time to update your office’s technology? 

It’s difficult to join virtual calls when there’s a room full of people in your conference room. A laptop won’t be large enough for everyone to see the screen, and the camera is not wide enough to capture the table. Meanwhile, your room might echo, making it hard for others to hear what your team is saying. 

That’s why a video conference system by AVWORX can make all the difference. With the right software, cameras, microphones, displays, and acoustic treatments, joining and starting meetings will be a breeze. 

Read on to learn what will make video conferencing equipment so helpful to your Ogden, UT business. 

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1. You’ll Hold More Engaging Meetings 

When you can’t see who you’re talking to, it’s easy for people to accidentally lose focus and let their minds wander. 

With video conferencing equipment, your team will have a good look at all the people in the call, and virtual eye contact encourages participants to communicate more. A large display and quality speakers will immerse the team in the discussion. Conferencing software allows teams to share presentations and visuals during the meeting, too, keeping everyone engaged in the conversation. 

2. You’ll Improve Virtual Communication 

It can feel a little awkward talking and working with someone you haven’t met and can’t see. Thankfully, video conferencing offers a more intimate and personal experience than a phone call. Through a video meeting, your team will feel more connected to other departments or clients. Stronger bonds often lead to better business relations—always an advantage for your team.

3. You’ll Save on Travel Expenses 

Many businesses send staff on planes or long car rides on a weekly or monthly basis. If your Utah business often engages in far-away meetings, you can cut back on traveling with a high-quality video conferencing system. In mere minutes, you can collaborate with colleagues around the world. 

4. You’ll Share Information More Easily 

Whether you’re looking at metrics or training new staff, video conferencing lets you swiftly share your screen with up to hundreds of participants. You’ll start the call face-to-face with an HD camera and 360-degree microphone. Then, you can switch to display a PowerPoint, spreadsheet, or video, guiding everyone through the information. Halfway through the meeting, someone else can start sharing their screen, swapping the content wirelessly in seconds. 


Is your Utah business ready to take conferencing and video meetings to the next level? You’ll find all the equipment and installation solutions you need from AVWORX. Contact our team here to get started today!