3 Ways to Get Started with a Landscape Lighting System

Improve Curb Appeal, Extend Time Outdoors, and Deter Danger

Even the most beautiful homes can look menacing after dark if not properly lit. How does your property fare when the sun goes down? If you haven’t given much thought to landscape lighting, your home may need some exterior illumination for a more friendly and welcoming environment at night.

Landscape lighting provides several important benefits beyond beautification, too. Whether you want to improve curb appeal or make your outdoor living spaces safer, the landscape lighting designers at AVWORX can help provide the right solution for your property.

Below, learn three ways to get started with a landscape lighting system for your Layton, UT home.

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Landscape Lighting for Beauty

Why should you and passersby lose the beautiful sights of your façade and landscaping when the sun goes down? Don’t let key focal points like trees, gardens, and unique architecture fall away after dark. Lighting highlights these details, providing an unmatched aesthetic effect and improving curb appeal.

Moonlighting accents tall trees, uplighting creates dramatic shadows behind plants, wash lighting adds texture and depth to architectural features, and more. Our team can design a well-balanced lighting scheme featuring various lighting fixtures and techniques to optimize the beauty of your property.

Landscape Lighting for Safety

We love the long days of summer, allowing us to enjoy the outdoors far into the evening. But once the sun eventually sets, we’re forced back indoors unless our backyards are well lit. Landscape lighting brightens your outdoor living areas so you can keep the party going for as long as you’d like.

A proper landscape lighting design illuminates walkways, stairs, changes in topography, pool perimeters, and seating areas to increase the safety of your outdoor environment for family and guests. Enjoy extended time outside until any hour, whether you’re dining on the porch or soaking in the hot tub.

Landscape Lighting for Security

When burglarizing at night, criminals look for houses with low security and visibility, making dark homes a welcome target. Keep trespassers at bay with a well-planned landscape lighting system that eliminates dark shadows that would otherwise conceal movement around your property.

Exterior lighting can help give the illusion that your home is occupied, even if it’s not. Plus, specialized security lighting can surprise intruders by flooding your property when their movement is detected, causing them to scram in the hopes of not getting caught in the center of a spotlight.

Don’t leave your home in the dark. Show it off while increasing safety and security with a custom landscape lighting design. To start your project, contact our lighting experts by filling out our contact form or sending us a chat in the pop-up box below!