3 Smart Devices That Will Bolster Your Security Camera Installation

These Solutions Work Together to Improve the Safety of Your Home 

We’ve written much on home surveillance in our blog, from the basics of home surveillance to critical features of surveillance systems to tips for installing security cameras on your Farmington, UT property. We’ve even highlighted our top surveillance system brands, like Luma Surveillance and Clare Controls.  

In this blog, we’re focusing on a few key smart security devices that make great additions to your security camera installation. When these devices are integrated with your security cameras and orchestrated within one platform, you’ll be sure your home is the safest in the neighborhood. 

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Video Doorbell 

A video doorbell not only works in tandem with your security cameras to provide a full spectrum of video coverage outside your home, but it offers convenient features that help you monitor and manage everything going on at the front door. 

Consider Control4’s new Chime video doorbell. Built specifically for the Control4 OS 3 smart home, Chime lets you see, hear, and talk to visitors from anywhere while you control all your smart home features at the same time—from the same interface. 

Its 5MP camera captures detailed video within a 180-degree field of view and features five adjustable zones that can be programmed for different actions when motion is detected. Best of all, it puts smart home functions at your fingertips so you can adjust lights, locks, and more for guests on a dime. 

Smart Locks 

Speaking of locks, smart door locks are another must-have addition to your cameras and home security system. From the same interface you use to check in on surveillance footage, you can quickly check the status of your entries to make sure they’re locked before you head to bed or after you’ve left for work. 

When a babysitter or delivery person rings your video doorbell, you’ll receive a notification and can quickly communicate with them from your smartphone. Then remotely unlock the front door to let in the babysitter or allow the delivery person to drop off that important package inside. 

Create personal user codes for family members and receive an alert when they come and go. You can even create temporary user codes for house guests or contractors that expire after a preset time. 

Integrated Sensors 

Smart sensors add an extra layer of protection to your home. When smart sensors are integrated with your cameras and home security system, you’ll not only receive an alert when a window or door is breached, but your system can sound an alarm and pull up live video footage on your smartphone. 

More than for breached entries, smart sensors are also helpful in letting you know when private items within your home are opened or tampered with. For example, you may place smart contact sensors on items like your safe, gun rod closet, wine or liquor cabinet, or jewelry box. 

Improve your peace of mind with smart home security solutions that work together to keep you safe 24/7. The technology professionals at AVWORX would love to work with you to install or upgrade your home security system. Start your project by reaching out here or messaging us in the chat box below!