3 Reasons to Ditch the Switch and Upgrade to Smart Lighting Control

Go from Bright to Brilliant with the Convenience of a Smart Lighting Control System 

We all remember when smart homes were just an idea we saw in sci-fi movies or read about in books. Fast forward to today, and smart homes are all around us in Morgan, Utah and beyond, helping to simplify, secure, and improve our quality of life. 

If you’ve considered weaving smart technologies into the fabric of your property but are new to the concept of home automation, we recommend you start with a lighting control system. While smart lighting provides a more efficient way to manage the lighting in your home, it does much more for you, too. Read on to learn three can’t-beat benefits of smart lighting. 

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Impressive One-Tap Scenes 

One of your daily routines probably involves making rounds throughout your home to turn off lights before leaving for work or going to bed. What if you could manage and monitor all the lights in your home from one intuitive interface instead? Smart lighting control gives you the power to instantly turn off every light throughout your home when you’re rushing out the door or lying comfortably in bed—without having to make lengthy rounds or worry that you left a light on somewhere. 

What’s more, smart lighting control lets you create one-tap lighting scenes for other use-cases as well, such as cooking in the kitchen or illuminating all the rooms downstairs for a party. Don’t settle for static brightness either; smart lighting control lets you dim one or all your lighting fixtures with just a swipe on your smart device of choice to perfectly complement any mood. 

Hands-Free Control 

Go beyond one-touch control to hands-free automation by programming your lighting to work on its own. By scheduling your lights to adjust at certain times of the day, wake up to brightening lights in your bedroom with no touch at all, and arrive home in the evening to an illuminated walkway and well-lit home ready to greet you. 

Additionally, you can integrate motion sensors with your lighting control system for hands-free illumination when entering the restroom or walking into the kitchen in the middle of the night. Not only do motion sensors add more convenience for controlling your lights, but they also help save energy by turning lights off when no one is occupying a specific area in your home. 

If automating your lights to work on their own isn’t your preference, there’s still a smarter way to control your lighting hands-free: voice control. Using Amazon Alexa devices around your home, you can take hands-free control to the next level by simply asking Alexa to turn on/off different scenes and lighting fixtures for you. Even ask Alexa to lower lights to a certain percentage or have Alexa turn off your entire home before bed. 

Adds Beauty to Your Home 

The convenience of smart lighting control is undeniable, but it can also be used to enhance various areas in and outside your home. In just a tap, you can light up your patio, emphasize water features throughout your backyard, and brighten your curbside landscape for a beautiful exterior space. Set your outdoor lights to turn on and off with the sunrise and sunset so you never even have to press a button. 

Indoors, lighting can also be used to enhance architectural features, make your artwork shine, and create layers of light for more beautiful and comfortable spaces. With the right lighting design and a smart lighting control system, you can completely transform the way you interact with your home. 

We’ve only just scratched the surface of the possibilities of smart lighting control, but we’d love to continue the conversation. Want to learn more about how smart lighting can benefit your lifestyle and bring added convenience to your daily routines? Our lighting and home automation experts at AVWORX are ready to answer any questions you may have and even get you started on an upgrade.  

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