3 Reasons to Consider a Sound Masking Solution for Your Office

Work with Our Commercial Audio Installers to Improve Your Workplace Environment

Last year saw a sharp increase in remote work due to the pandemic, leaving office spaces vacant and human interaction at an all-time low. Now, as we expected, many employees are returning to the workplace—even if it’s just a few days a week—and readjusting to work-life in an office with others.

Naturally, the readjustment will take some getting used to, and productivity could take a hit if teams aren’t prepared. One way to help mitigate distractions is to implement a sound masking solution that helps to drown out nearby noises and conversations so that workers stay focused and efficient.

Read on to learn how your business in Salt Lake City, UT will benefit from teaming up with the commercial audio installers at AVWORX to craft a custom sound masking solution for your workspace.

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Facilitate Focus and Productivity

Sound masking is the process of adding ambient sound within your workspace to help reduce noise distractions. It may seem backward, but sound masking actually helps make your office seem quieter by matching the frequency of human speech and thereby reducing the intelligibility of nearby conversations. When you can’t make out what others are saying, conversations become less distracting.

While sound masking doesn’t eliminate all speech noise, it does reduce how far away conversations can be heard and understood, allowing them to fade into the background so that workers can concentrate rather than subconsciously listening in on watercooler gossip, sales calls, or private work discussions.

Keep Private Conversations Private

Many office spaces today have open floorplans to encourage collaboration. While this layout has its advantages, it can also pose a challenge for privacy. Speech can be heard several feet away in an open environment, offering up potentially sensitive information to more people than you may realize.

Because sound masking reduces the intelligibility of human speech, employees can converse without worrying if someone seemingly far away can hear them. Leaders can meet with associates to discuss challenges or conduct reviews knowing they won’t be overheard by others in adjacent meeting rooms.

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Create a Comfortable Work Environment

We all know how unsettling and—ironically—distracting complete silence can be. We also know how difficult it is to concentrate when an employee down the hall is chatting on the phone with a client. When workplace acoustics aren’t balanced just right, it can lead to lower productivity and higher absentee rates, which affects the success of your business.

Sound masking improves the acoustic environment of your office space so that it’s not too quiet or too loud. Unlike white noise, sound masking is specifically engineered to sound comfortable and pleasant to the ear. An AV professional like AVWORX will ensure that your sound masking solution becomes part of the hum of the workplace rather than another distracting sound to deal with. Keep everyone focused and comfortable as they slowly return to the office with a sound masking solution. Learn more by contacting AVWORX here or sending us a message in the chat box below.