3 Out-of-the-Box Design Ideas for Your Custom Home Theater

Think Beyond Traditional Design to Make Your Home Theater Your Own

Home theater design has drastically changed over time. While it’s still common to see home theaters equipped with traditional theater seating, warm incandescent lighting, and a projector and screen, these aren’t the end-all-be-all requirements for an impressive theater room anymore. Home theaters today can be much more flexible when it comes to layout, décor, and technology.

Our team at AVWORX is dedicated to delivering custom home theater designs for our unique clients throughout Kaysville, UT. If you have a vision, we can make it happen! Think outside the box and make your home theater your own with some of these untraditional design ideas.

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Get Comfortable in Loungers and Chaises

Rather than opting for the traditional rows of theater seats, mix up your seating with comfortable loungers and chaises. Loungers and chaises are perfect for front-row relaxation when viewers would rather lie down to watch a movie instead of sitting upright in a dedicated theater chair. Plus, a room with mixed seating presents a more casual and fluid experience for your friends and family.

Home theater sofas are another fun and unconventional option, but keep in mind that these sofas are different than traditional living room sofas. Because home theater seating is meant for viewers who will be sitting in one position for long periods of time, home theater sofas are typically designed with deeper seat pans and motorized feet and head rests for optimal comfort.

Add Some Color to Your Lighting

The lighting in your home theater should always be installed for safety and functionality first, then decoration second. But you’re not limited to only recessed cans or wall sconces. You’re also not limited to only incandescent bulbs or even white LEDs. Get creative with tunable RGB LEDs for some added fun!

Place color-tunable LED strips underneath your seats, along steps and walkways, behind your projector screen or TV display—anywhere you wish. LED strips also look nice behind the molding on the top or bottom of your walls. They can be cut to fit exactly where you want them.

You can even use color-tunable LED bulbs in the ceiling or in your wall sconces to change your ambient lighting from a warm yellow to any color of the rainbow. When integrated with a smart lighting control system, adjusting the color and brightness of your lights is as easy as a few taps on a single controller.

Go with a TV Display Instead

Most homeowners would likely choose a projector-screen setup for their home theater if they have the space for it, can control the lighting in the room, and desire an immersive cinematic experience. Afterall, projector image size can span up to 300 inches, depending on the model. Talk about big-screen viewing.

But a TV display is an impressive alternative—and sometimes the better contender when considering your wants and needs. Projectors aren’t particularly attractive when not in use, and you may not have the space for the one you want. Plus, projectors have to work much harder to produce the amount of brightness needed for home theaters that are exposed to ambient lighting, such as sunlight.

4K LED TV displays from brands like Sony and LG not only measure anywhere from 65 to a whopping 98 inches, but they serve best for multi-purpose theater rooms that are exposed to light during the day. Enjoy perfect blacks, vivid color, and spectacular brightness no matter the light levels in the room.

Make your home theater your own with help from our home theater experts at AVWORX. To schedule a free consultation, contact us here or send us a live chat below. We look forward to hearing from you.