3 Groovy Ways to Use Your Multi-Room Audio System

Play Music on Your Audio System from a Variety of Sources

Unless you live under a rock, you probably know that the most popular source for listening to music is online streaming. And with the streaming revolution came innovative ways to listen to that music, like distributing it seamlessly throughout your home with a multi-room audio system.

Although it might be standard, online streaming isn’t the only source you can connect to the multi-room audio system in your Ogden, UT home. Want to change how you listen to music? Keep reading to learn about three sources from which you can play music on your multi-room audio system.

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Good Ol’ Streaming
Like we mentioned before, streaming music is today’s bread and butter for playing an endless array of tunes. There is a wide variety of streaming services you can play on your multi-room audio system, from Spotify and Pandora to Amazon Music and Deezer—just to name a few. Any online streaming service you enjoy can be distributed across your home in rooms where you have connected speakers, whether they’re structured or wireless. Easily control your music with a touch panel, tablet remote, or other Wi-Fi smart device.

>The Humble CD Player
Oh, the CD player… We remember you. And although we don’t often see people walking around with a Discman anymore, CDs haven’t completely disappeared. If you still have cases of CDs lining your bookshelves at home, you can give them new life by hooking them up to your multi-room audio system.

With reliable cabling, it’s simple to connect your CD player, whether stand-alone or portable, to your receiver so you can enjoy all your CDs through your audio system. If you have a multi-zone receiver, you can even play music from your CDs in one area of the home while your Pandora playlist plays in another. Easily control every zone from your smart remote.

The Timeless Turntable
The turntable has made a comeback! Defeated by the invention of the compact disc in the 1980s, the record player is “cool” again thanks to the millennial era. Whether yours is new or vintage, you can distribute record music throughout your home on your multi-room audio system.

With a phono preamp, it’s easy to connect your record player to your receiver and perform a similar function as explained above with distributing music from a CD player. Many newer record players come with a phono preamp built in, but you can also purchase one separately if your player is from an earlier generation.

Smart home audio distribution isn’t limited to online streaming sources, even if that’s the most popular option seen today. With the right wiring installation, you can easily distribute music throughout your home from CDs, records, and even downloaded playlists on your phone. Whatever the source, we can help you connect it to your smart home so you can create different soundtracks for your lifestyle.

Have more questions about distributing different music sources on your home audio system? Or maybe you want to upgrade your current system. No problem! Just contact us here or start a chat with us below to talk with a professional audio installer right now.