3 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Designing Your Conference Room

Create a Future-Forward Conference Room with the Right AV Solutions

In any modern workplace today, a conference room should be much more than just a table and chairs. Instead, think of your conference room as an incubator for your business’ next great idea. It should be a space that facilitates operational efficiency, productivity, collaboration, and creativity to help move your company forward.

Your conference room can only serve this purpose if it’s properly designed and equipped with the right technology. Placing chairs around a table and installing a display for presentations just isn’t enough anymore if you’re looking to create an environment for team growth.

What conference room design mistakes should you avoid in your Salt Lake City, UT workplace, and how can you remedy them? Our AV experts list three common mistakes and their fixes below.

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Mistake 1: Selecting the Wrong Display Size

These days, work doesn’t always begin and end in the office. The workforce is becoming more dispersed due to digital solutions that allow staff to easily meet and collaborate remotely, which means video calls and screen sharing are on the rise. To that end, the display in your conference room needs to be a central part of the design.

Your display should be installed in such a way that doesn’t require viewers to crane their necks or strain their eyes, and it shouldn’t overpower those sitting closest to the screen. Additionally, the image on your display shouldn’t project below the line of your conference room table.

Consider the type of content you commonly display, your viewers’ requirements, and the distance from the seats are before selecting and installing your screen. While you can find general calculation guidelines online, they don’t account for all factors you may encounter. We recommend you contact our AV professionals to determine the right fit for your needs.

Mistake 2: Making Audio an Afterthought

Audio plays an important role in your communications, whether you’re meeting with a client or collaborating with your team. Companies that make audio an afterthought in their conference room design often experience frustrating volume fluctuations and feedback that can interrupt operations.

Proper microphone and speaker placement ensure listeners can clearly hear no matter where they’re sitting. By moving directional microphones closer to the sound source instead of relying on more amplification, you’ll prevent ambient sound from getting picked up and causing feedback. Additionally, strategically placed omnidirectional speakers offer an even distribution of high-quality sound. Consider in-wall and in-ceiling speakers that improve sound coverage while staying out of the way.

Mistake 3: Installing Fixed Lighting

Lighting that is too harsh can drain the energy out of your conference room and cause staff and clients to become irritable. Likewise, dull lighting can contribute to unproductive meetings and cause drowsiness and fatigue. Fine-tune your lighting to complement the task at hand with dynamic lighting control.

A smart lighting control system allows you to adjust the intensity of your conference room lighting at any given time. Optimize daylight use during the morning and afternoon by keeping your window shades open and overhead lights dim. When there is less daylight, or if you want to close your shades to help keep your conference room cool and glare-free, use an on-wall dimmer keypad or one-tap lighting scene to brighten your lights to the perfect setting.

Dynamic lighting control makes it easy to create the perfect lighting for presentations, too. You can even incorporate vacancy sensors that keep lights turned off when no foot traffic is detected in the room to help save on energy costs.

Encourage better focus, collaboration, productivity, and overall growth with a proper conference room design for your business. Our team at AVWORX can help transform your conference room with the latest technology so that you’re equipped for the future. To schedule a free consultation, contact our team here or send us a live chat below right now.