3 Advantages of Using Video Distribution within Your Business

The Dynamic Way to Captivate Customers and Build Your Brand

The signage throughout your business serves several important purposes. You may use signage to promote deals in your retail store, present the menu in your restaurant, or provide a directory for visitors in your corporate lobby.

Unfortunately, a lot of signage used today is still printed, which means these displays can’t be easily changed when needed. When you want to communicate a new retail promotion, a limited-time entrée, or navigation changes within your office, it can take days or weeks to create and install new signage.

Instead, digital displays paired with a video distribution system is a more effective, efficient, and engaging way to customize, change, and present information throughout your business. Below, discover three key advantages of going digital with the signage throughout your Salt Lake City, UT business.

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Change Content on a Dime

If you work in retail, you’re familiar with the laborious task of switching out all the marketing within your store each season. Your team likely spends hours overnight replacing floor-to-ceiling banners and table-top signage. Likewise, restaurant menus and signage must be revamped and replaced seasonally.

Going digital enables you to change information quickly while reducing overhead. With video distribution, you can quickly share your new product promotions and digital marketing campaign to all the displays throughout your business from a centralized control system.

Engage Customers and Staff with Graphics and Video

Static signage is, well, static. When not changed often enough, physical displays can easily lose interest. Digital signage presents a great opportunity to use graphics and video to better engage your customers and staff. For example, you can create a digital carousel of your retail or restaurant promotions or distribute video footage and slide shows of company events throughout your office to boost morale.

A video distribution system makes it easy to share the right digital content to the right displays at the right time without having to deal with multiple one-to-one setups. Take advantage of checkout lines, lobby areas, and waiting rooms with rotating video signage to engage customers. Or quickly share fun facts, weather updates, and company-wide announcements to all the displays in your corporate office.

Build Brand Awareness

Your customers and staff appreciate professional and cohesive brand identity, whether they realize it or not. Strategic branding not only helps customers recognize and remember you, but it gives staff a sense of pride when they walk into work each morning.

Digital displays present an easy way to reinforce your brand and mission throughout your retail store, restaurant, or office space when you’re not using your displays for special promotions or announcements. Instead of seeing black displays in aisles, on walls, or by front doors, staff and customers will see your company logo, colors, and motto everywhere they roam within your business. Easily adjust the displays throughout your building to promote your brand at the touch of a button.

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