How to Reshape the Workplace for Success in 2021

The world of work has changed a lot in Kaysville, UT and around the globe in the last year. According to BBC Worklife, more than half of the global workforce is working remotely. Even as the effects of the pandemic subside, a study by BBC Worklife shows that only 12% of surveyed workers want to return to full-time office work and 72% want a hybrid remote-office model going forward.

If your business has permanently returned to the office, it may be time to reassess the effectiveness of your work environment. Does it facilitate productivity and collaboration? Is it inviting and comfortable for your employees? Do you have the right tools at your disposal? Below, we’ll cover four conference room design tips that will help you create a successful workplace in the new year.

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Why We Love Control4 for Utah Homes

If you’ve been reading about smart home developments for a while, you know that the custom integration industry boasts a few different system brands and countless DIY tools. However, nothing we’ve found rivals the user experience and comprehensive functionalities of Control4, and we’ll show you why in this blog.

As integrators, we at AVWORX have explored many automation tools and connected devices. We know how those smart home solutions feel to the end-user, how they play with popular devices, and how customizable they are when you want to adjust or upgrade your Bountiful-area home. And to us, nothing beats these four outstanding traits across the brand, so stay tuned.

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