Enjoy Big Backyard Sound with Origin Acoustics Loudspeakers

It’s getting colder in Bountiful, UT, but that doesn’t mean you must forsake your beautiful outdoor spaces. If you like to relax fireside in an insulated patio or soak in the hot tub during the brisker seasons, why not add music to accompany your time outdoors?

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The Home Theater Design You Need for Next-Generation Gaming

The hottest new gaming consoles are almost here! Gamers in Morgan, UT and around the world are anticipating the releases of Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 from Microsoft and Sony in November, both which promise more immersive and graphically impressive gaming experiences than ever before.

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How to Improve the Conference Room Experience at Work

Productive Meetings Start with a Proper Conference Room Design Much of the workforce is experiencing a shift toward remote work. Working from home offers many perks, such as better work-life balance, reduced work-related expenses, and no more commutes. At the same time, remote businesses lose the value of in-person communication and collaboration, which plays a…

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Add Beauty and Smarts to Your Home with Control4 Lighting Keypads

One of the key reasons homeowners upgrade to a smart lighting system is for simplicity. Instead of making laborious rounds to turn on lights everywhere, homeowners can eliminate this hassle with custom lighting scenes that illuminate the whole house or certain rooms at the touch of a button.

Like other smart home devices, a smart lighting system can be controlled via a mobile app. But that’s not where the control options end. In fact, on-wall keypads from Control4 add both beauty and smarts to your home by complementing your décor with stunning wall plates and offering flexible button configurations for one-tap control of your lights and other smart home devices.

Reimagine how you control your smart home in Syracuse, UT by learning more about the benefits of Control4 keypads below.

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