Hot Outdoor Tech Trends to Take Your Backyard to the Next Level

Smart home luxuries for your indoor spaces are vast. Multi-room audio, smart lighting and shading control, advanced security and surveillance, home automation—the list goes on. But what about your outdoor spaces? While some homeowners may neglect their backyard when considering a smart home upgrade, the same solutions you enjoy indoors can also be implemented outdoors.

Extend your smart home luxuries to the outdoors and add value to your home! Below we’ll discuss three hot outdoor technology trends that will take your backyard in Kaysville, UT to the next level: outdoor speakers, landscape lighting, and centralized control.

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Key Things to Consider When Building Your Church Sound System

Music and testimony are significant components to any house of worship, which means a commercial sound system is a must. But what exactly is the best sound system for your house of worship? While small establishments might do fine with a packaged solution from the start, a high-quality sound system should be designed specifically for your needs.

If you’re on the market for a commercial sound system for your new construction or existing house of worship in Salt Lake City, UT, our audio professionals at AVWORX suggest you consider the following questions first before picking a solution.

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Improve Workplace Communication with a Video Distribution System

Enjoy an Easier Way to Keep Every Team Member on the Same Page In a fast-paced work environment, communication is key to keeping everyone moving in the same direction. Unfortunately, there are several ways important messages can slip through the cracks. Emails can get buried in seconds, and word-of-mouth only goes so far. One of…

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