The Ultimate in State-of-the-Art Conference Room Design

Learn How New Technology Helps You Get the Most Out Of Your Meeting Space No matter how large or small your conference room is, you need reliable technology to ensure a successful meeting. However, when the speakers produce garbled audio, the displays aren’t clear, and your Wi-Fi connection is slow, then what was intended to…

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Control4 for the Health of It: Aid Wellness with Home Automation

Many might argue that the increasing prevalence of technology in our home and work lives is encouraging a more sedentary lifestyle behind computers and smart home devices. To make things worse, the media often pairs the advancement of technology with growing health issues like weight gain and higher risk of diseases.

We’re here to set the record straight for homeowners in Salt Lake City, UT. Strategic use of smart home technology, such as tunable lighting, motorized shades, and smart thermostats, can actually foster a healthier lifestyle. Plus, when integrated with a Control4 home automation system, these solutions can work together to aid in wellness on their own or with only the touch of a finger.

Let us give you the facts. Read below to learn how smart home technology can help you live better.

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3 Tips for Getting More Use Out of Your Whole-Home Sound System

A whole-home sound system can truly transform your music experience at home, allowing you to walk from the living room to the kitchen to the bedroom without missing a beat of your favorite songs. But are you taking full advantage of all the benefits your whole-home sound system has to offer?

With a Control4 multiroom audio system, go beyond whole-home music and discover other fun features it can provide for you and your family when enjoying time at home in Syracuse, UT. Check out three tips below that will help you enjoy your Control4 whole-home sound system to the fullest.

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