Which Outdoor Speakers Are Best for Your Backyard?

While the Utah weather is warm, now is the perfect time to enjoy the outdoors with BBQ picnics, poolside parties, and more. But even as summer turns to fall, backyard spaces are still an excellent host for outdoor activities like gathering around an outdoor fireplace and watching football.

Whatever the event and time of year, nothing livens up the outdoor fun better than music. If you don’t already have an outdoor sound system you love, let our team at AVWORX be your guide! Read below to explore three popular speaker solutions for outdoor spaces to decide which would be best for your unique Ogden-area backyard.

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3 Reasons to Ditch the Switch and Upgrade to Smart Lighting Control

Go from Bright to Brilliant with the Convenience of a Smart Lighting Control System  We all remember when smart homes were just an idea we saw in sci-fi movies or read about in books. Fast forward to today, and smart homes are all around us in Morgan, Utah and beyond, helping to simplify, secure, and…

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Transform the Way You Listen to Music with High-Fidelity Speaker Solutions

Visit Our Showroom to Experience the Latest Equipment in High-Fidelity Audio  How do you enjoy your favorite music at home? Maybe you stream tunes from your smart TV or play music across your Amazon Echo speakers. Perhaps you simply stream music through your smartphone.  Regardless of how you listen, you might be settling for subpar…

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