Automated Shades

At the Touch Of Your Hand, Full Home Control

Imagine Hassle-Free Window Shades

We've all had the experience of pulling the shades up, pulling them down, and doing it all over again the next day.  Of course, once upon a time, that was the only option.  No more!  With smart home technology, your automated shades can open and close with the touch of a button, or at set times programmed in advance.  Set your home on autopilot, and let your windows add an element of automated light to your home.

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Automated Shading Systems

We integrate the latest automated shading systems into our home automation systems, to allow for seamless control of your home from a single interface.  SI, our preferred line, is a manufacturer of top-of-the-line shading automation equipment.  We also offer other brands depending on the application and budget requirements.

Screen Innovations
SI Shades Display

Screen Innovations Indoor and Outdoor Shade Systems

SI :  Providing Comfort, Privacy and Security

Check out the Nano Indoor Shade System.  The most innovative and compact designer shades to ever hit the market.  And the new Zen Outdoor system.  Expand your home’s square footage with a completely sealed outdoor living environment.  Voice control, touch control or full automation.  Wired or wireless soluitions.  Thousands of Fabrics Made Simple - Through the SI software, we take thousands of shade fabric options and intelligently distill them down to thoughtful, functional decision trees.  Sunscreen applicaitons, light filtering and complete blackout solutions.

Screen Innovations
SI Shades